Bigger Speakers are Better Speakers

As we wait for the next season to make its way here, it is time to shift our focus to the mods and accessory upgrades we plan to conquer. When your sound system just can’t rock out like it used to, it is time to upgrade and give your H-D Touring class motorcycle a new lease on life. K and G Cycles has a everything you need to install a set of 7 1/4″ speakers for your fairing or even your saddlebag lids. Yep, you can get those monsters to fit without any modification and increase your rockability.

   When you want to geFairing speaker kit TR-217885t the best possible sound out of your stereo system, it is time to upgrade and install the largest speakers designed to fit without any modification. Sure everyone is on the 6.5″ upgrade so why not outdo them and go for broke? You can now install a 7 1/4″ Sub-woofer and a grill mounted mid-range and tweeter ayatem (Part#TR-217885). Given the fact J&M has been in the Motorcycle Audio business from day 1 should signify the quality and commitment placed in all their products as well as the amount of time spent in the development phase. J&M’s new 7 ¼” round subs are the largest diameter speakers that can be installed into the Harley Bat Wing style fairing, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6X9” speaker. This new three-way high-performance speaker set has been designed specifically for the 2006-2013 Harley Ultra/Street/Electra Glide fairing. Spec’d out at 2 ohms impedance and 140+ watts max power, these new speakers provide the ultimate in bass response, extended mid/high frequency range and raw audio power. Check out some of the features these monster set ups:

  •  a waterproof injection-molded polycarbonate woofer cone
  • high-flux strength but light-weight dual-donut Neodymium magnet
  • high efficiency voice coil
  • the latest design grill work with mounted tweeter and mid-range
  • top-quality adapter rings and bracket hardware for secure and clean mounting into the fairing. (Hardware included utilizes the old or new designs of the Harley inside-fairing metal-brackets)
  • mounting hole pattern and spade electrical connections are exactly the same as the factory specification making this is a total plug-and-play solution complete with easy to follow installation instructions.

   These are THE most efficient speakers you can buy for your Harley and they will perform extremely well with the stock Harley HK radio system, while still durable enough to handle a high-powered accessory amplifier should one be installed.

   So you don’t have a saddlebag speaker kit TR-217891Tour Pak and want to expand your sound field. The crew over at J & M have heard your concern and came up with the answer. Introducing the Rokker XX Series Saddlebag Lid Speaker System (Part#TR-217891). ROKKER XX series 7.25” drivers, are the largest diameter speakers that can be installed into the Harley Bagger style saddlebags, with volume and mass rivaling a 6X9” speaker. Operating efficiently at 2 ohms impedance and and capable of handling an impressive 217 watts maximum input (156w RMS continuous @ 92db sensitivity), these new speakers provide the ultimate in raw audio power. This complete custom speaker installation kit with lids included, has been designed specifically for the 1998-2013 Harley Bagger saddlebags.

Look at what you get when you purchase this audio expansion kit from K and G Cycles:

  • waterproof injection-molded polycarbonate driver cones.
  • super high-density lite-weight Neodymium magnet structure
  • specially coated speakers that maintain flux-strength integrity even at extreme operating temperatures.
  • high efficiency vented voice-coil & magnet structure for improved cooling when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.
  • specially-tuned speaker-mounted crossover network for connection of optional J&M tweeter and midrange drivers.
  • Saddlebag lids finished in primer black ready for the custom color of your choice.
  • top quality hardware.
  • custom plug-n-play wiring harness
  • complete installation instructions

    Just because we ride a motorcycle doesn’t mean we can’t have quality audio to go with us. J & M has pushed the limit with their new 7 1/4″  component speaker set up. Whether you want to upgrade your fairing speakers or envelop yourself in sound by installing speakers in the saddlebags, K and G Cycles can hook you up with everything you need.