Bluetooth Stereo For Your Ride

Have you ever been out cruising around and thought to yourself, “How cool would it be if I could have my tunes with me?” Just because your bike didn’t come with a stereo from the factory. doesn’t mean you can’t add one so you can enjoy the road even more. K and G Cycles has what you need to enjoy great sounds from a compact system, that won’t get in the way or break the bank.

This second generation Waterproof motorcycle sound system mounts to almost any bar.This second generation Waterproof Motorcycle Sound System is here with all new handlebar and mirror mounts. Customer feedback on the first version was taken into consideration and a redesign of  2 elements of this excellent waterproof system was applied. The handlebar clamp mounts have been completely reworked into a new saddle clamp that supports the speakers much better and universally fits both bar sizes of 7/8” and 1”. The mirror mount brackets have also been re-engineered making them stiffer. This will take out some of the bounce previously experienced by many of the system owners. The custom engineered big sound 2 ½” chrome speakers and powerful 40 watt amplifier have remained waterproof and provide sound quality that is unmatched by many of the more expensive systems available today. The waterproof volume control, along with its 3.5mm universal aux in connection is compatible with many iPod, MP3, Portable Players and Satellite Radio Systems, making your listening choices virtually endless.

Motorcycle Sound System Features:

Waterproof 40 Watt Amplifier Waterproof

2 1/2″ Chrome Speakers Universal

3.5mm Aux Input

It almost sounds too good to be true. Awesome sound from such a small package that will make your next ride more fun than a Fried Chicken Festival at a Southern Church. Call K and G Cycles today and you too can soon be rockin’ down the highway with this awesome sound system for your ride