Bone Mountain Motor Gear – Simple Storage in the Least Expected Place

   At one time or another we discover there is not enough room on a motorcycle to stash all of our travel necessities. That frustration builds to a more fevered pitch when you include the passenger. Our story begins back in 2008 when Lisa and Jim came home with a Touring Bike from their local H-D dealer. It was at that time Lisa learned she could store quite a bit of stuff inside the back flap of the Rider Backrest on their new bike. All was good with the world. Well fast forward to 2011 when James came home with a new bike. The bike itself was not a big deal, the redesigned Rider Backrest was. Gone was the storage capability found in the previous model and that brought with it a lot of upset. This simply wouldn’t do so Lisa set out to remedy the situation. After searching high and low and near and far, it was realized she needed to produce a solution. The Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer was born! The end result of over 3,000 miles of research and development in weather conditions that ranged from 100° +  days to 20° mountain nights. In addition countless hours of conversations with riders and passengers were logged along the way. Like most new products, there were a few developmental versions and the most functional design was selected. Using the most durable materials they created a product that is weather-resistant while allowing comfortable use on and off the motorcycle.

   Because K abone-adnd G Cycles  ( is constantly in search of amazing new products we are proud to welcome Bone Mountain on board. Born out of necessity, Bone Mountain Motor Gear was launched and passenger convenience was once again available. This time with a twist. The Bones had designed extra storage into a simple to use Rider Backrest cover. Instead of a small pocket in the back side, you have the option of a pocket plus two pouches and a netted beverage sleeve. Now that you have a well designed stash location for your gear, what do you do when you reach your destination? Here comes the clever part – you attach the supplied strap, pull it off the bike and now the ladies have a handy over the shoulder bag. How’s that for convenience? You never have to leave your belongings on the bike.

High points include:

  •  Made in the USA
  • Drink holder with velcro strap to keep it securely in place
  • Smaller pockets for camera, wallet or cell phone and more
  • Large interior pocket
  • Adjustable strap included

Wanting to offer up the same convenience to riders of other bikes, this model also fits multiple backrests, including:

  • Signature Series Seat w/ Rider Backrest (Softail)
  • Short Passenger Backrest Pads (Touring)
  • H-D Adjustable Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • H-D Fixed Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • Most Round Bar Passenger Backrest Pads (Dyna)

With the Bonebone on the bike Mountain Motor Gear Backrest Organizer, your passenger no longer has a limit to their travel possessions, nor do they need to juggle them while riding down the road. They will thank you for the addition to the bike and for increasing their comfort during the ride. Gone are the days of “Honey can you hand me the ……. out of the windshield bag” or ” We’ve got to go back, I dropped ……”  They are now responsible for their own travel goodies. Contact K and G Cycles ( and order up your own Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer.