Braggin’ Rights by Mr. Dave Martin – 09 Raider

This Yamaha Raider belongs to one of our K and G Gang, Mr. Dave Martin and will be featured in our Braggin’ Rights section of this blog! With a long powerful stance, the pitch black paint makes the bright chrome pop, as the honkin’ stonkin’ 113 cubic inches of V-twin delivers pony after pony whenever this Marine Core Veteran twists that throttle! Be sure to send us your motorcycle pictures and we’ll get them entered into our online bike show, Braggin’ Rights!

Check out this quickie interview with Mr. Martin, a retired Gunnery Sergent and American Hero.

Please state your name and location:

  • Dave Martin, GySgt, USMC, Ret Norfolk, VA

What is the Make and Model of your bike?

  • 2009 Yamaha Raider

What are the things you’ve done to make it Yours.

  • I made it mine by paying for it, and nice back rest for now…and broke it in by the book-lol (now i can go full throttle)

What are the Top Two memories you’ve had with this bike??

  • Watching the speedo needle climb rather quickly; and feeling its long rake and trail still gobble up twisty back roads

What are the customizations you’d like to add to it, in the future?

  • I want to add a 2 into 1 shorter pipe thats mega loud, but doesnt cover up the rear wheel (but im hesitant to mess with power commanders and possibly adversely affect the current optimal performance; and i want to remove the right hand side air filter cover and bracket; so that just the after market k and n shows, exposing the beautiful large v-twins and pushrods! also, i wouldnt mind lots of blue led lights everywhere low to help it “glow” in the dark!

Well Mr. Martin – We at K and G Cycles salute you for your service, and thanks again for taking your time to send in these pictures and showing off your wicked ride!