Breath new life into your Sound System with upgraded Speakers

When your sound system has seen it’s last days, what do you do? Listen to the failing system and deal with its decline? Heck no! What you need to do is hook up with the Crew at K and G Cycles ( and grab yourself some premium upgrade speakers that will restore your faith in your stereo and everything that comes out of it. I know you are probably saying you can’t afford them or it’s too much hassle to change them out. I can understand the 2nd reason depending on your  mechanical ability, but the price of these high quality replacements may very well surprise you.

Let’s take a loogw replacement speakersk at some upgrade speakers for your fairing, Part # BBP-13-104 (Front) BBP-52-767 (Rear) are 2-way speakers that come with a convenient plug and play harness making installation pretty straight forward and simple. You’ll be happy you upgraded and will be wondering what took you so long when you realize what you’ve been missing. Some of the great features found in this speaker package are:

*Butyl rubber surround and plastic cone for increased durability and sound reproduction.

*A suspended tweeter offers superior audio quality.

* Rated at 30 watts and 4 Ohms.

* Water resistant = long life.

*Direct drop-in size.

For about $150, you can get the job done.Turn it up and rip the knob off. Replacing the speakers will breath new life into your sound system and make the miles more enjoyable, so contact the pros at K and G Cycles ( today and get ready to rock down the highway.