Bringing the Intensity Back to your Light

As long as we know our bulbs are in good working order, that is really all we care about. Well if your bike is more than 3 or 4 years old, the difference in clarity of you brake light lens and a new one can be astounding. Over time, road grime, cleaning chemicals, and even Mother Nature can have damaging effects on the plastic used for motorcycle lighting. At K and G Cycles ( we are pleased to bring you many high quality lens replacements.

With thetail lamp lens need for increased visibility nowadays, it is vital to have the cleanest lighting available. I am not telling you, “You MUST purchase L.E.D. lighting!” What I am suggesting is replacing that fogged out, hazy brake light lens with a new, clean one that in some cases can even have a magnifying cut applied to it for even more intensity. We carry a huge selection of replacement brake light lenses as well as replacement lenses for most of the rear lighting on bikes ranging from the 1930’s to current production bikes. We even have mounting base gaskets in case yours has fallen victim to dust and dirt and is offering little to no protection to your paint. We are all mesmerized by the brilliance of our lights when the bike was new. Since it was such a gradual degradation, we barely noticed until we saw the same bike, a few years newer, and realized the difference.

Why give others a reason not to see us and our intentions. For a few dollars you can ditch the dirty lens and install a clean, new one and recapture the brilliance of new. In some cases you may even be able to purchase redesigned lenses that because of the new optics, will intensify the light output. You owe it to yourself to check out the great selection of replacement lights available at K and G Cycles (www, today. A few bucks could mean a few feet of breathing room.