Bugs, Grit, Wind and determination spawn WindVest

   One aspect of my job with K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is to travel to the Industry Trade Shows, seek out the newest products, and obtain a working knowledge of the products so I can confidently deliver reviews and recommendations to you. Recently, I had the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with the Crew over at WindVest and they were gracious enough to answer some questions for me and tell me a little about their windshields.

   For those owindvest fltrf you that aren’t familiar with WindVest, their story begins back in the Summer of 1989. A biker headed to Sturgis and after he got there, decided he had had enough of the bugs and the beating from the wind. This guy, Norm Dober, decided it was time to build a better performing windshield. Saving an old windshield from a buddy’s garage, the transformation began to take shape. After years of fine tuning that windshield into a product that performed as well as looked good, Norm launched WindVest. As the reputation and demand grew, the spare bedroom would soon be too small to house the business. Just like many other small business’s Norm was ready to move onto the next level. More than a decade later, WindVest has emerged as the industry leader of Performance Windshields.

   With numerous applicatiowindvest flhtns available, you can now have a WindVest Replacement Windshield on almost any Harley that calls your garage home. No matter if you have a Fairing bike or not, you can enjoy the protection of an upgraded windshield. When you first look at WindVest you will ask yourself, “How do I know what height is best for me?” and “If I get a tinted one, will my nighttime vision be impaired?” These are both valid and good questions so we turned to the team to ask them. “After years of extensive research and development, we have come up with an accurate seating chart if you will that will recommend the best fit for you and your bike. addressing visibility, since the WindVest Windshields  are designed to be looked over, not through, any tint is actually irrelevant. It is for cosmetic purposes only and still allows the lines on the road to be visible.”

   Another concfx fl windvestern with “Aftermarket” accessories is difficulty of installation. All of WindVest’s kits come complete with everything you need for a smooth installation. A wrench, instructions and care and maintenance information. Even the handlebar mount kits are versatile and will fit 1 1/4″  handlebar and 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2” riser mount configurations in addition to the original 1” WindVest fit. Finishing with simple advice to insure longevity, ” Treat your WindVest like paint or chrome. Use non-abrasive cleaners or waxes.”

  I am always grateful when a manufacturer takes some time to sit and talk with me. The WindVest Crew gave me some great insight to their products which came from the innovation and determination of one man, Norm Dober. He may be gone, but his desire for a better ride lives on through every windshield the company he founded, WindVest produces everyday. K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) handles the complete line of WindVest Performance Windshields and will be glad to assist you in your quest for a better ride.