Buying a Harley is like buying Blank Canvas – Create some Rolling Art

We all know one of the requirements of owning a Harley is, at some point, we must give it our own special touch and customize it. Whether it is the simple addition of chrome that meets our needs. Going in the exact opposite direction and blacking the bike out. What if we want a custom paint job? Making the bike unique is part of the thrill of owning a Harley. The chrome and black accessories can be purchased by just about anyone and chances are you will see the same pieces you added more than once.  A custom paint job is a sure fire way to make sure you won’t see another bike like yours. Whatever your style, be it a custom color or full blown one of a kind paint job, you will need to replace the decals or emblems on your Harley and the Team at K and G Cycles ( has just what you need to complete your project. Trying to reuse emblems is way too much work in preparation, and forget about decals – 1 time use only. Browse our selection and find the ones you’re looking for. There is no bigger bummer than having a killer retro paint scheme laid down and finishing off the bike with current emblems. Why go 95% when you could achieve 100%, capture some trophies, and own that 1 of a kind ride.

Have you eveHells Fury FLTRr thought a different emblem would be the perfect touch to my new bike? Not crazy about the one the H-D designers selected? We’ll take care of your needs. Anyone own a Harley-Davidson Road Glide (FLTR) 2004-2009 and want to carry the body stripes through side covers for a completed look? One of our vendors, “Hell’s Foundry” has stripe kits that give you a finished look for not much cash. After all, making your bike like no other is the main objective here, and if that can be accomplished while saving a few dollars (to be spent elsewhere on the bike) than it’s a win win for everybody.

So when it comes time for you to sit down and draw out your ideas for your Harley, and you are looking for that “cherry on the top”, look no further than K and G Cycles ( to deliver the parts you need for a custom bike that is sure to make everybody green with envy.