Calibrating your EFI System with the Fi2000R from Cobra

   When it comes to fuel injection on a motorcycle, it can become confusing when we want to adjust the air fuel mixture to compensate for performance upgrades. Cobra has heard our cries and developed a Fuel Management System that is easy to use and doesn’t require expensive Dyno time. At K and G Cycles ( we strive to bring you the best products available as well as the easiest to use products to keep your down time to a minimum and your ride time to a maximum.

Cobra Fi2000R TR-082439   The Cobra Fi2000R is the single best way to tune fuel-injected motorcycles in order to eliminate lean air/fuel mixture settings. It’s simple to install, works with any exhaust system – stock or aftermarket and requires no additional Dyno testing or mapping. This is plug-and-play technology at its best. It’s the perfect tool to fine tune EFI engines quickly, easily and economically. Because each Fi2000R is tuned to a specific brand and model, it is preset with the optimal settings for each machine. The Fi2000R connects with its O.E.M.-style connectors directly to the engine’s fuel-injector bodies.
• Increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel mixtures
• Quick and simple installation with plug-and-ride technology
• No confusing computer downloads to install
• No expensive Dyno testing required
• Pre-configured from the factory for your make and model motorcycle,
but easy to adjust should your specific application need it
• Improves overall rideability
• Virtually eliminates backfiring on deceleration
• Engine runs cooler
• The Fi2000R O2 digital fuel processor is designed to work with
all H-D exhaust systems (stock or aftermarket) equipped with oxygen sensors

   3 easy to use adjusting screws (Low Speed, Mid-Speed, and High Speed) allow you to fine tune your set up exactly how you want and need it. Another great feature from Cobra.

  • Low Speed Screw – similar to an air mixture screw on a carburetor, this controls off idle fuel demands as well as those needed at steady cruising
  • Mid-Speed Screw – the equivalent of the needle and clip position on a carburetor. Two increments correspond with dropping the clip on a needle one position. One increment is the same as adding a shim. This allows you to achieve proper fuel mixture under load and acceleration.
  • High Speed Screw – This is the electronic counterpart to your main jet. Each numbered increment is the same as increasing one jet size starting with the stock size at zero. This adjusts your fuel at full throttle.

   Conquering Fuel Injection on your Milwaukee V-Twin should require hours of Dyno time or a Certified Tech. Cobra feels the same way and has introduced to the market the Fi2000R. A versatile tuning system capable of tuning each segment of throttle operation. Low, Mid, and High speed throttle requirements. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and see just what a great tune Cobra can bring you.