Can a New Seat Make that Much Difference?

   It seems more often than not, we overlook our seat when searching for comfort on our motorcycle. We will install a new suspension, lower the bike, and play with air pressures to try and reach our desired comfort level. A new seat can bring a whole new riding experience to our beloved bikes. K and G Cycles ( has a seat available for whatever model motorcycle you ride and fitments for a wide range of years. Replacing your motorcycles seat is one of the simplest upgrades you can perform on your motorcycle. A new seat can mean the difference of your ride lasting a few miles or a few hours. Some of the most established and respected names in the Seat Industry are Mustang, Le Pera, and Corbin Gentry just to name a few and you can pick them up right here.

mustang seat 27272   One reason for installing a new seat is the padding has broken down or flattened, no longer providing cushion to the rider or passenger. Many factors can lead to this condition like inferior production materials, exposure to excessive heat, or even too much time in the saddle. Another reason for seeking a new saddle might be the desire to have your seat match the new paint or design the bike has recently acquired. Finally, you may be in search of a new seat because you are going to travel much more and know you will need the increased comfort. Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing a new seat, you can rest easy knowing there are high quality replacements available, with many employing memory foam and surgical gel to increase rider and passenger comfort. In addition there are even seat heating elements available that can be added to your new seat that lets you extend your riding day as well as the season.

   So you see, upgrading your seat to a new, more comfortable model is relatively easy these days. With units available for most models, you will find shopping for the replacement fairly easy, especially when you shop the great selection K and G Cycles ( has for you. Comfort is just a call away!