Can you add Style with Rubber? Yes You Can!

   What fun is it owning a bike if you can’t add some style and personalize it? We here at K and G Cycles ( are all about the personalizing of our rides because there is no bigger drag than seeing someone pull up on the exact same bike as yours. As you know, there are literally thousands of custom accessories you could add to your bike. The good news is, that sort of insures no two bikes look the same. Today, I want to show you a subtle piece that will truly make your VTX 1300 and 1800 stand apart – Floor Boards and a Brake Pedal Pad.

triple-v-inserts-BBP-21-554     To start with, I am going to introduce you to the “V” rubber Chrome Floor Boards. Sure there are a ton of options when it comes to replacement boards or inserts, but there are few that offer up such a classic look while giving you increased comfort. Part # BBP-21-554 is constructed of sturdy forged aluminum and have a a full coverage vibration dampening rubber insert that has 3 “V” shaped cuts for style. Designed with comfort in mind, these floorboards install using the OEM hardware so there is no need for extra trips to the Hardware store, you have everything right in front of you.

   Up next is the matching brake pedal pad (Part # BBP-21-555). Crafted to match the “V” Rubber Floorboards, this Brake Pedal Pad has the same great “V” design cut into the rubber so you carry the design through your bike. The pedal pad replaces the rubber boot on the brake pedal. Installation is simplified because the unit slides on and securely attaches with the supplied set screw.

   So you see, adding personal touches doesn’t have to make your bike look all gloom and doom. You can add a splash of class and set your bike apart from the others. Contact K and G Cycles ( today, and give that VTX a whole new look.