Can you see the Light – Lighting Upgrades

There is nothing worse than having a close call while riding and someone saying, “I didn’t see you” or not being able to see the wildlife in time. Let’s face it the stock lighting on most motorcycles is marginal at best. You have some options to improve the lighting on the front and rear of your bike to increase your visibility for yourself and others. K and G Cycles ( offers LED replacement bulbs, Run/Turn/Brake Modules, and Auxiliary lighting.

To begin with LED replacement bulbs offer a high intensity option and provide a much brighter light over traditional incandescent bulbs. Adding a Run/Turn/Brake module to your bike will give you 2 more brake lights and 2 extra running lights via your turn signals. All while maintaining your turn signal function. The difference is sure to get you noticed. Just add your pick of red lenses and the rear end is complete. Focusing on the front end, there are a few choices to give you more and better lighting. Upgrading headlamp bulbs is a great way to increase visibility, and installing spot lamps will give you a broader field of vision. Front turn signal bulbs can also be upgraded giving you one more reason to be seen.

So when you want to see the world in a different light, contact K and G Cycles ( for all your lighting needs.