Cargo Security for the Quick Trip

As you know, yesterday I covered motorcycle luggage racks as a way to increase cargo carrying capability. Today I am going to expand on that and talk about Bungee Cargo Nets and the storage possibilities they add to your motorcycle. At K and G Cycles ( we want to offer you as many options as we can to make your rides safer, more enjoyable and to give you as many flexible cargo management options as we can.

bungee net 04215As we quickly find out, we don’t always need the cavernous saddlebags and tour packs to haul our goods, so what do we do? Depending on the size and what the item is we may be able to use a Bungee Cargo Net. This piece is exactly what is sounds like – A net made of bungee cord material that usually has 6 anchor points, and will stretch over almost any shape. It seems there are 3 popular sizes to choose from a 12″x12″, a 15″x15″. and a 20″x20″, so surely one of these will do the trick. The cargo nets can be used on just about any tour pack luggage rack, sissy bar luggage rack, or fender mount luggage rack, but we mainly see them used to hold items to the passenger portion of the seat. Bungee Cargo Nets are a great choice when you need an extra set of hands to get something home or keep a a bag in place.

bungee nuts cc-20208Now you are sure to ask, “How do I attach this cargo net to my bike?” believe it or not, I have an answer or two. You have a choice when it come to attaching the cargo nets, you can A) simply stretch it and attach it to the fender lip. The problem with this method is other than the tension, there is nothing to keep the hooks from sliding and potentially damaging your paint. This method I do not recommend. A great alternative is the use of a set of Chrome Bungee Nuts as anchor points.  With applications available for fender bolt, shock bolts or top shock bolts, there are numerous mounting options.  Being chrome plated, bungee nuts look like they are part of the bike and more chrome is never a bad thing.

So for those quick trips or when you need more cargo capability a Bungee Cargo Net is a great option. Quick, easy to use, and stores in such a little space, what more could you ask for. Stop by K and G Cycles ( and grab one that fits your needs.