Center Stands = Form and Function

If you are are looking for a great way to display your show bike that adds some function to your bike, K and G Cycles has just what you are looking for. A Center Stand for your motorcycle. Available in adjustable and preset models, there is a fitment for almost every H-D out there. Not only do center stands allow you to display your ride proudly, they also offer more stability than a side stand.

   Whether you choosfxst ctr stand VT-16-1521e a highly polished chrome unit or a basic black unit, it installs relatively easy. The Center Stand bolts directly to the frame, so when it is not deployed it tucks away and hugs the frame keeping it out of the way. Operating the Center Stand is as easy as activating the lever on the left side of the motorcycle. After doing this, your bike is ready to be proudly displayed, or easily worked on – cleaned, serviced, or have even more accessories installed. A center stand is often more stable than a side stand or jiffy stand as they are called. Because this unit also distributes the weight of the motorcycle much more evenly, it greatly reduces the risk of sink in and the resulting damage to the bike. So all in all it is a functional, safety upgrade.

    So you see, by adding a Center Stand to your motorcycle, you are ultimately adding security, serviceability, and showmanship with one simple installation. Head over to K and G Cycles and take a look at the large selection of Center Stands available. We have models that fit a wide range bikes ranging from 1989 to the present day so there is more than likely one for your specific need.

*SAFETY NOTE: This Center Stand is not a ride off stand.