Charge It, Don’t Change It

 You bought a new bike and want to take the best care of it that you can. We’ll spend hours cleaning it because that’s what we do. We spend thousands on accessories to make it ours. We run synthetic fluids through the bike because it’s better for it. There is one thing many of us neglect until it’s too late – the battery. Sure some of us think if we get 2 years of battery life that is great. Heck, there are even some that think it’s a part of preseason service to replace the battery. K and G Cycles ( has just the thing to protect your battery and your investment, you can use a SuperSmart Battery Tender Junior 12v to maintain your battery for a much longer life. The Battery Tender Junior is more than your standard trickle charger, it is really a maintainer that regulates the charge to the battery through an onboard brain. This “smart” feature monitors the battery and depending on its strength it will charge, maintain, or sleep so there is never a fear of overcharging. Indicator lights on the power block alert you to the status of the battery, red indicates it is being charged, while green indicates it is in storage mode. This onboard technology, that has a 5 year warranty, keeps your battery ready to go, so when you wanna tide, you can. Whether you have 1, 2 or 10 batteries to maintain, stop by K and G Cycles ( and see the great selection of battery tenders available, at a price you won’t believe.