Chrome Caps complete the Look

So you finally bought the motorcycle of your dream and notice it needs a bit more chrome. We all feel your pain and understand the road you are about to turn down. K and G Cycles ( wants you to we are here for you during your transformation. As we add Chrome to our bikes, one area that all too often gets overlooked is those unsightly bolt heads, and when they become weathered can make a bike ugly. Solution – install chrome bolt caps.

Chrome Bolt Caps comchrome cap kite in complete kits for just about every bike and will allow you to pretty up almost every visible bolt to give you a completed look. Smaller kits are available if you only want to cover a few bolts like the cylinder head bolts, swing arm pivot bolts and so on. When you are installing your new bolt covers keep in mind some caps will have a snug fit, while others will require adding a small drop of silicone to keep the caps in place. With that being said, you also need to be aware most service centers will not replace the chrome caps should they have to remove them and end up damaging them, so if at all possible you may want to try to remove the affected covers yourself before having the bike serviced.

Adding Chrome Bolt Caps can give your ride the wow factor and set it apart from the others. Let K and G Cycles ( be your chrome headquarters and assist you with all your accessory needs for your one of a kind motorcycle needs. From front to rear, have no fear, we’ve got some chrome for that.