Chrome for Your Honda Valkyrie brought to you by K and G!

When you bought you Honda Valkyrie were you satisfied with the amount of chrome it had on it? No? Well your friends at K and G Cycles ( have the cure for what ails you. Chrome, Chrome, Chrome! I have 3 pieces that will make your Honda stand up and stand out. These 3 pieces combined will bring enough attention to the dark spots on your bike, you’ll wonder how you made it this far without them.

Chrome Rad mesh BBP-1-307   First you need to check the Chrome Mesh Radiator Accent. Why settle for that boring black ABS plastic on such a big piece of real estate when you can have that same area slathered in chrome? Spanning edge to edge, this chrome mesh cover (Part # BBP-1-307) is designed to have no affect on air flow, while adding “Wow Factor” to your bike. Installation is straight forward and everything is included. You even get quality chrome caps to complete the transformation.

Rad-Cap-Cvr-BBP-1-306   Up next is the Chrome Radiator Cap Trim piece (Part # BBP-1-306). You know the saying, ” You can never have too much Chrome.” We believe that to be true, just look at all the bikes you pass on the road, aside from 2 wheels, chrome is the common denominator. Sure you may not think the simple addition of a radiator cap cover would make any bit of difference, but attention to details is what will set your bike apart from the others and score those trophies. A stylish, recessed, 3 bar design brings even more depth to the show quality chrome laid down on this piece. You could almost say this is the cherry on top.

carb covers BBP-1-308   Finally, we will turn our attention a little further back on the bike and bring a little style to the 6-pack. (That’s the Carburetors) Not exactly the most attractive area on your Valkyrie, but surely not the worst, it could use a splash of chrome. The perfect solution is this set of covers (Part # BBP-01-308) made to fit your ride and add some sexy chrome to your carbs. The 3 recessed bars give these covers a unique shape and delivers stunning good looks to an otherwise boring area. You will notice the design is the same as the radiator cap cover allowing you to keep the detail flowing through the bike.

Adding Chrome can really brink your bike together and give it a defining look. Here at K and G Cycles ( it is our mission to offer you the highest quality, great looking parts available to customize your motorcycle. So many of us own the same motorcycle, it is up to us to make it ours.