Chrome is where the Heart Is!

Looking at your bike, you notice something missing – Chrome, and lots of it. Settle down, K and G Cycles ( is here to save the day with one of our many Chrome Customizer Kits that will transform that Wretched Beast into a proud Show Pony.

If you are looking to coChrome Dress up kit 43-0534 turns your ride into a chrome waterfallver your bike in some mile deep chrome, you need to pick up one of these complete kits that has everything you need to chrome your ride.  This kit includes the transmission top & side cover kit, cam cover trim with screws, cam cover mount kit, outer primary cover kit, tappet covers with gaskets, allen type lifter base bolt set, chrome derby cover, inspection cover, rocker box covers for 2 heads, and rocker box mount kit. Say that 10 times fast. You see, this kit contains so much chrome it may take you and a buddy hours to install it all. Front to back, top to bottom, your bike will be the envy of others when they see all the chrome you have on your bike.

Part of owning a motorcycle is adding personal touches that show the world it is yours. Much of those touches end up being chrome. Sure when there is more chrome, there is more cleaning, but for many of us the time we spend polishing our rides is quite therapeutic. There is just something about knowing what you spent hours perfecting, people have noticed and are admiring all that chrome. When they ask you where you got it, you can stand tall and proudly tell them, “The good people at K and G Cycles ( had everything I needed, all in one package.”