Chrome it all with One Simple Kit

   As we wait for the reduced riding season that is Winter it is time to consider our upgrades that will breath new life into our rides. Most of us will choose the path of chrome and for those whose bikes are covered in the lack luster factory polished metal, it is time to upgrade. Our minds scan every inch of our bike envisioning where we can add more chrome. For many of us, we want it all, but don’t want the hassle of buying 15 different kits to make it happen. Have no fear, your friends at K and G Cycles ( have solved that problem and proudly offer you the Chrome Customizer Kits. These prebuilt kits offer you all the major covers and the hardware needed for installation, all in clad show stopping chrome.

   Because we want chromers kit 43-0534to be your one stop shop for all your motorcycle parts and accessories, we search for the most complete kits to simplify the installation process for you. That is what we found when we came across these. Because there are numerous applications, there are numerous kits available. For example, in Part # 43-0534  (2001-2006 5-speed Touring models) You get the:

  • Transmission Top Cover
  • Transmission Side Cover
  • Cam Cover Trim with Screws
  • Cam Cover Mount Kit
  • Outer Primary Cover Kit
  • Tappet Covers with Gaskets
  • Allen type Lifter Base Bolt Set
  • Derby Cover
  • Inspection Cover
  • Rocker Box Covers for 2 heads
  • Rocker Box Mount Kit.
  • All necessary Hardware finished in Chrome
  • All the necessary gaskets needing to be replaced during installation

   This is just one example of the Chrome Upgrade kits we carry. With a range of fitments available from the 1970’s models to the present day bikes, you can dress it up or simply restore its glory from days gone by. Chrome is the universal feel good, look good, confidence booster we all can relate to. If you feel like it’s time to make your ride shine, contact the Pro’s at K and G Cycles ( today and tomorrow you can have a whole “new” bike that is oozing chrome.