Chrome: It’s What Matters Most for Motorcycles

It seems one of the firstDarkside-II-Bag-Latch-low-res-220x145 things we want to do to our motorcycles is customize it by adding chrome. It doesn’t matter if we bought a blacked out version or one that has so much already on it, we can always find someway to add more chrome. Everyone at K and G Cycles ( wants to give you every opportunity to add as much shiny personality (chrome) as you desire. There is never a right or wrong amount of chrome when adding it to your bike, it’s what YOU like.

In recent years the term given to reflective shiny add-ons is “Bling”. So when you hear someone say they have “Blinged out their bike” they most certainly are talking about having added numerous chrome accessories. Even if you prefer to keep the blacked out look of your bike, you can still make it pop by adding black chrome. Black Chrome believe it or not is still very shiny, it just has a darker cast to it, and is sure to bring envy from afar.

When you boil it dochrome cylinder basewn, chrome is the preferred accessory when customizing a motorcycle, even given as a gift, there is never a bad choice. Regardless what bike you own, or are looking to purchase you can bet there will be chrome accessories available from K and G Cycles ( to fill your every need. Take some time and browse our large selection of chrome available and take the first step to total customization of your ride.