Chrome Plated Protection for Your Belt

   In the quest to personalize our rides, the Chrome Belt Guard is one accessory that is often overlooked. We all strive to install the perfect amount of Chrome and tend to gravitate towards the high visibility areas so it will be noticed immediately. Well for that piece de’ resistance, I want to focus on The upper and lower Chrome Belt Guard. By adding one or both of these belt guards you add up the ante’ show the masses you know exactly how to customize a motorcycle. Sit back and take a look at what K and G Cycles has to offer.

   If you are only going27-0688 upper belt guard to install one of the two, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. It all boils down to personal preference and your budget. I am going to highlight the upper first. Most of the belt guards produced today are available in a chrome, full body design. There are exceptions, as a small number of models are manufactured with custom cuts that range from slots, holes, and even large cut outs. To address the growing trend of blacked out components, there are even belt guards available to match. Also if you are wanting to do a color match to a custom paint job, you can have them painted or even powder coated for a more durable finish. Regardless of the color, adding an upper belt guard will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

   Not to be lower belt guard 27-0687 forgotten, the lower belt guard when replaced, can bring a beautiful and classy touch to your bike. As we all know, there is no such thing as too much chrome. Just like the upper, the lower belt guard one can be had many different ways as well. Custom cuts, chrome, and different finishes make this part of accessorizing your bike fun. With most installations requiring nothing more than screw removal and replacement anyone that can tell the difference a set of pliers and a ratchet should have no difficulty installing these new covers. A custom look has never been closer.

   For those looking to pull the trigger all at once, there are a few companies that package the upper belt guard and the lower belt guard together. Still even a few include the pulley cover and chrome hardware too. So no matter what level of commitment you want to attain, there is something for you. Contact your friends at K and G Cycles and let them assist you in turning you bike into a sick, one off version of the bike everyone else has.