Chrome That offers a Better Ride – Air Deflectors

   Have you ever felt there needed to be a way to divert the air turbulence away from you, the rider, while cruising down the highway? How nice would it be to eliminate the beat down you get from the wind while out enjoying a sunny ride? Well your search has ended, because at K and G Cycles ( we carry Chrome Fork Mounted Air Deflectors that fit a range of bikes that will greatly reduce the constant pounding you are subject to.

fork mounted air deflectors 50-1008    Designed to be extensions of the bikes windshield, these deflectors are shaped to direct the rush of air and turbulence around the rider, creating a smoother ride. The scooped air deflectors easily attach to your fork brackets for a clean, integrated look making them look like they belong. The chrome finish complements polished or chrome front end components so you have smooth lines and a clean look. You can also rest easy because every kit includes all the required mounting hardware for easy installation and will fit many 1995-later Touring models (except those equipped with lower fairings and some accessories) and many 1986-later FL Softail models. Depending on the look you are wanting to achieve on your motorcycle, there are some different shapes and finishes for you to choose from. There are even models available for certain after market windshields.

   If you are looking for a smoother ride, as well as add some more chrome to your ride, cruise over to our website and take a look at these wind deflectors. Form and function yields results when you shop at K and G Cycles ( for your motorcycles accessory needs. Creating a smoother ride for yourself has never been easier when you install the accessories that reduce air pressure and turbulence. Fork mounted Air Deflectors help redirect the wind and give you more chrome.