Chrome “Trim” for your Motorcycle completes the Look

   Well it looks like another season of two wheeled mayhem is upon us. It’s time to discover new roads, new friends, and new Chrome. Why not show off all the work you’ve done to the bike over time. You’ve started to notice others seem to have a finished look to their motorcycles while yours is lacking. What do you do? Well depending on the level of greatness you want for your bike, you add the proverbial icing and the sprinkles to your ride.  K and G Cycles ( knows you want to obtain that certain look for your motorcycle and wants to help you get there. I want to take the time today and show you 3 areas you might have overlooked along the way.

   There is no denchrome capsying when the Motor Company built your bike, they wanted you to take a blank canvas and make a work of art. Suspecting the vast majority of us would like to have as much chrome as possible installed on our bikes, they used a lot of polished materials. This looks good but leaves a bit to be desired so we want to offer a solution. No matter what bike you ride, almost every nut and bolt is lacking shine. You could replace all your nuts and bolt with Chrome Hardware, but that could prove to be time consuming and very costly. Installing a set of Chrome Bolt Caps will add a seamless look to your bike at a fraction of the cost. While most covers are friction fit, there are a few that will need to have a dab of silicone applied to keep it in place. Available in complete kits or by the size, Chrome Bolt Caps complete the look for a fraction of the cost and require far less labor to install.

   Next I’d like to21-0561 shifter linkage bring up the installation of new Shifter Linkage. From the factory this has to be the most boring area on the bike. We usually forget about it because as we ride, it is hidden behind our foot, and when the bike is parked, it is on the low side. All in all, that shouldn’t matter, if we are truly going to transform the look of the motorcycle, we need to complete the job. Replacement shifter linkage is available in a whole range of shapes and styles to compliment any look. Improving the dead looks of an area on your bike has never been easier. When you upgrade your Shift Linkage your bike gets noticed because it shows everyone you pay attention to the details.

   Let’s keep th26-0789 chrome leverse train rolling with a customization that is a little more likely to be noticed by all – Control Levers. Burdened with living in the harshest area on the bike (bug fall out, sweat and oils from our hands, and all the road debris they can handle. Because of this, you may ask, “Why would I want to upgrade?” That is a very good question and I have an answer – When you upgrade your controls, you often select a more durable finish that results in less foreign object intrusion. Also with a Chrome finish, it is much less porous and won’t be affected by sweat and oils as much. Yet another benefit of upgrading controls is having new ones that are more ergonomically friendly. So by replacing the factory control levers you can possibly increase your comfort, decrease your cleaning time, and end up with a hot new look sure to make others jealous.

   Increasing the visual appeal of our motorcycles is something we all strive to accomplish but many of us fail to complete. Installing finishing touches of Chrome can be the difference of a Ribbon or Trophy. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and complete the look of your bike. Show off your hard work and smile as the crowd cheers.