Chrome – You can never have too much of a good thing!

   When it comes time to add more Chrome to your motorcycle, the end is never in sight. To some that would be bad, for the rest of us, we embrace it as it allows us even more personal distinction. K and G Cycles ( has enough chrome to keep you covered from tip to tail and then some. You see chrome is our business and that means we search for some of the most unique accessories out there.

chrome side covers BBP-55-138   One of the most overlooked areas on most cruisers is the side panels. Because the side panels are generally painted the same as the rest of the bike, most riders don’t think there is a way to improve their looks. Well, Show Chrome Accessories has come up with Chromed side covers for a number of Metric Cruisers allowing further personalization. With Chrome covers available for bikes from all 4 houses of the Metric Motorcycle Manufacturers, it is time to set your ride apart from the others. Installation ends up being a breeze because you generally reuse the stock hardware. Adding Chrome side covers will deliver your bike to a whole new level, so be prepared for more attention and maybe even some more ribbons or trophies. Chrome side covers can also help give your bike a little bit of a nostalgic look as well so don’t be afraid to break out those wide whitewalls either.

We all want to be able to add accessories to our motorcycles that reflect our own personality. We also want our bikes to look different from all the others. The addition of Chrome is considered by some to be as addictive as a drug. You can’t just add 1 piece. Adding Chrome Side Covers can dramatically alter the appearance of your bike and give you new directions for your customization to travel. K and G Cycles ( can help your dreams become a reality. Start by installing the Chrome Side Covers and run from there.