Clean Air, we All Deserve It

This dry, hot, dusty weather that most of us have been dealing with can be just as hard on our bikes. One thing we need to check a little more is our air filter. Not only does the air filter stop a lot of dirt and grime, it also catches some vented oil that is being evacuated by the crankcase vents. On average a paper air filter will run you $25.00 or more, so it might be time to consider a K&N filter from K and G Cycles ( . The K & N line up of filters allow you to clean your filter when it becomes soiled, up to “A Million Miles” as their warranty states. Not only do these filters offer the convenience of virtually never having to buy another filter again, they deliver increased airflow to the engine, resulting in increased power and fuel economy. K & N offers filters to fit most applications, with some starting as low as $52.00, a real money saver. Clean your filter a few times and it’s paid for itself. Check out K and G Cycles( to see the large selection and determine the filter for you.