Clean Your Fuel with a New Filter

Almost every vehicle on or off the road today has a serviceable inline fuel filter, except motorcycles. It seems kind of odd as we ride just as much or more miles than many people drive. Well, the crew here at K and G Cycles feels motorcycle riders should have the ability to to filter their fuel as it heads to the engine as well. We have searched far and wide for the best, most affordable inline filters available.  Below you will see a sampling of the filters available.

  Part # VT-35-0Pingel Fuel Filter 35-0519  520, is from Pingel, and is machined from billet aluminum with a polished finish, built to appeal to the true motorcycle enthusiast. Pingel filters are designed to meet the high flow requirement needs of the Pingel Power Flo gas valves, as well as high flow carburetors. Included is a cleanable bronze filter element that can filter down to 40 microns. For those feeling the need for more chrome, you can select a chromed version of the polished filter. You get the same great construction and features, but in a pretty package (Part # VT-35-0519).

 Another great ofK & N inline fuel filter 80336 fering from a name you can trust is Part # 80336, this filter in made by the company that know filters – K & N. These clear view filters allow you to see the filtration in progress. Ideal for today’s dirty gasoline, these high volume, low pressure in-line gas filters are easy to clean by simply back flushing. K & N manufactures top notch filters that exceed manufacturers requirements so you get premium fuel filtering for your ride.

 Golan IndustriGolan filter GN-70312GAes is another top name in Motorsports Fuel Filtration that brings you nothing but high quality products designed specifically for your motorcycle. After success with their first fuel filter, GS Performance made a decision to manufacture new fuel filters for the High Performance Motorcycle and Go Kart Industries, and today they are happy to offer the best billet, stainless steel, washable, reusable and performance fuel filters in those two industries (GN70312GA).  Filter Element was designed and engineered for the aerospace industry, for use in  rugged, high temperatures settings where extreme filtration is needed. These units are made of pleated, 304 stainless steel, that filter down to 10 micron (.000392″), are 1.000 diameter, and give you a total of four square inches of effective filtration area. Available in a mini or super mini, they provide a maximum flow of 6 gallons per minute with no restriction. For added convenience, elements are washable and reusable indefinitely, and are easily cleaned with air or a soluble rinse. The bodies are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, and are chrome plated or clear bright anodize finish so you can add some bling or give it a utilitarian look.

 So no matter what your budget, there is improved fuel filtration right around the corner. Contact K and G Cycles today to pick an inline fuel filter for your ride, and feel the difference clean fuel makes in your motorcycle.