Cold Weather Gear Not just for Riding

   Motorcycle riders know the farther out of the season we ride, the cooler temperatures we encounter. If we choose to ride then, it usually has us bulking up with multiple layers or with heavy riding gear. Well, things are about to change for the better. There is a company out there that must have quite a few motorcycle riders and be based in an area where there are actually 4 seasons. Mobile Warming is that company, and they have developed a cutting edge line of light weight heated gear suited for any outdoor activity where decreased temperatures and personal warmth are a concern. K and G Cycles ( is proud to bring you this technologically advance heated gear that is sure to make the outdoors more comfortable.

   Mobile Warming was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling and just everyday use. The breakthrough technology gives unprecedented heating and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button. These units exceed the heat transmitted by any other form of insulation available in outerwear today. Mobile Warming is committed to continuing to provide the customers with the best quality, best priced and best performance heated products on the market.

Mobile warming HH-7109-1105-73  The model I want to present today is the Men’s Classic Heated Soft Shell Jacket from Mobile Warming Part # HH-7109-1105-04 available in sizes ranging from Small to 2XLT. This battery heated Soft-shell Jacket includes one 7.4V 2.2 Ah Lithium-ion battery and a home charger for your convenience. The classic battery operated heated soft-shell jacket gives you ultimate flexibility and breathability all the while the fabric maintains its water-resistance features. Unique to these jackets is 3 heating panels placed on the front and back along with a multi-level heat adjusting battery designed to keep you warm for up to 10 hours. The lightweight construction makes it great for riding because it goes on easily under your favorite jacket.

   When it comes to riding comfortably into cooler weather, you need to consider a heated jacket or vest from Mobile Warming. Originally designed for the outdoor enthusiast, but quickly adapted to the Motorsports Market due to the light weight construction and wireless approach. K and G Cycles ( is your source for this amazingly versatile outerwear that will comfortably take you in to the 4th Season.