Condor Keeps It Upright

What comes to mind when you hear the word Condor? A bird driven to the brink of extinction? A crazy flying ride at an amusement park north of Chicago? Neither, the Condor I am referring to is a motorcycle wheel chock manufacturer that rocks! The Condor that enters my mind is the company that makes everything you need to store or trailer you motorcycle safely. K and G Cycles is your one stop shop for everything you need from Condor.

condor PS1500   The Pit Stop from Condor (CNDR-PSTK-6400) is a fully adjustable wheel chock that is designed to accept a broad range of tires that range from 14″-22″ tall, with widths that range from 80mm wide to a whopping 230mm wide. Because of it’s flexibility, this also allows the bike to be loaded forwards or backwards in the chock. Knowing the Pit Stop would have a large range of users, it can be used on many surfaces such as concrete, dirt, pavement, sand, and even gravel, as well as trailers and pick up beds. This monster can handle just about any bike you want to keep in place up to 3000 lbs. yet it weighs in at a scant 21lbs. To keep impressing you, when it’s not in use it folds down for easy storage. In addition, Condor offers a full line of accessories to securely attach the Pit Stop to any trailer or truck bed keeping your bike safe, stable, and secure.

When you need the most versatile wheel chock on the market, make sure you take a look at the Condor Pit Stop. Quality and convenience is what you get when you order up The Pit Stop from K and G Cycles. Transporting your motorcycle from here to eternity has never been easier, especially when you take a Pit Stop. Wheel Chocks for all occasions.