Condor Keeps Your Bike Safe in Transport

   As we get to ride more and more everyday, our thoughts turn to the ideal riding spots or vacations. With the busy lives we lead, it is sometimes more conducive to trailer our bikes to the destination so we have more time to enjoy the area and the scenery it has to offer. K and G Cycles understands this very well and would like to give you a few suggestions to prepare yourself for a successful trip.

sc2000 by Condor, simplifying trailer transportation for your bike.   Whether yo choose to haul your bike in the bed of your truck, on a trailer or in an enclosed trailer, you are going to need something to secure your bike. The good people over at Condor have created this chock for your trailer cleverly called “Simple Chock” The CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock is an all-steel version of the Pit Stop, and has all the same capabilities except it is designed for trailer use only. With it’s patented adjustable cradle, it fits all bikes from dirt bikes and sportbikes, to cruisers and heavy touring bikes, and anything in between, up to 3,000 lbs. It will work on front and rear tires from 14″ to 22″ and 80mm to 230mm. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on all transportation platforms. The chock is designed to hold your motorcycle so securely, only one person is needed to load and unload any bike, and only two tie-down straps are required. And you won’t damage your sensitive suspension parts because you never need to over tighten your tie down straps.

   For ease of use, the Trailer Only chock attaches and detaches to your trailer in seconds with four wing nuts. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the CONDOR wheel chock.The SC-2000 comes complete with all brackets and hardware to mount this unit to your trailer or lift table. The CONDOR SC-2000 folds down for easy storage and weighs only 26+ lbs. It’s dimensions in the upright position are 9” wide, 25” long and 15” high. Once folded, it becomes 9” wide, 25” long and 7” high.

   Simplify your transportation with a trailer only wheel chock by Condor, available at K and G Cycles and enjoy peace of mind when trailering your bike. The SC-2000 Trailer Only Chock from Condor, the chock that makes travel easy.