Convenience and Protection from Desert Dawgs

Do you ever wonder what the black material on some of the engine guards is and why its there? Chances you are talking about what are commonly called Soft Lowers or Soft Lower Fairings. Each manufacturer has their own pet name for them, but the public refers to them as soft lowers. The main reason you see them on many bikes is they are a quick, easy, inexpensive device that provides protection from the elements. K and G Cycles ( carries a version called Desert Dawgs from Leader Motorcycle huge selection of these personal protection devices.

  Desert Dawgs sdesert dawgs 111erve a multitude of purposes. For starters, they are a cold weather wind block. This helps divert a large amount of cold air away from the riders lower legs making the ride “warmer”.  Another service provided is keeping Road Slime off the rider. You know the stuff that gets kicked up from the front wheel after it has rained or while it is raining. One advantage each and everyone of us can appreciate is it’s ability to catch bugs, keeping them off the chrome and the riders legs. Yet another really cool aspect of Desert Dawgs is the ease of installation and removal, with nothing more than a combination of some snaps, a clip or two, and some velcro. These babies are made to last too with Brass and Stainless Snaps, as well as being sewn with nylon thread for strength and durability. Also for versatility, many have built in slits that accommodate highway pegs most of us have installed. Emphasizing the leading word “Soft” it means you can fold them away when they aren’t in use. This means you can pack them away and only deploy them when you need. Now that my friends is a great product! Check out the great features…

• Minimize cold updrafts

• Repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender

• Keep bug juice off motorcycle chrome (and legs!)

• Allow engine cooling – NO temperature restriction!

• Easy on-and-off – three snaps, belt clip and hook-and-loop attachments

• Does not affect bike handling

• Brass and stainless steel snaps won’t rust

• Nylon thread makes for the strongest product you can buy

• Accommodates all standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening)

   At K and G Cycles ( we are riders just like you. We search for products designed for Riders by Riders. Desert Dawgs  could have only been designed by a rider because of the simplicity involved. There is no way they these could have been hatched in a Board Room or in a Wind Tunnel.