Cool Custom Auxiliary Lighting for your FLH

   There is no doubt adding lighting to your motorcycle can help others see you. Perfect point in case is the Honda Gold Wing. They are noticed very easily because they are a rolling light show in many instances. Now I am not suggesting you turn your H-D into a Carnival Midway, but it doesn’t hurt to install some cool lighting that can increase your safety. K and G Cycles ( has a recently added 2 great pieces to its lineup to provide a unique look while improving your visual footprint.

   Let’s start by highlighting an area onKury-7266 TR-419456 fairing side mrkrs the bike that would benefit greatly from the addition of lighting, the outer edges of the fairing. Wrapped in world renowned Kuryakyn Chrome, this good looking accent piece brings a a splash of chrome to an otherwise bland area. Painstakingly crafted to follow the contours of the outer reaches of the inner fairing, these fairing accents add auxiliary run and turn lighting to your ride. These are simply a must have item no rider should be without. Best of all, installation requires no drilling or modification to the fairing.

   Next uled bat wing lashesp, we have Lighted Bat Lashes, sounds like something Barbara Gordon would use to fight crime. Perched atop the forward facing portion of the fairing, these lashes highlight the curves above the headlight and deliver a distinct look. Adding 15 L.E.D.’s to each side of the fairing, there is no shortage of visual attraction, after all that is our goal. Keeping with Kuryakyns tradition of simple at home installation, it is so easy to install Bat Lashes, a caveman could do it.

   It used to be adding custom auxiliary lighting meant a ton of wires and countless hours for design and installation. Not to mention a price tag that could give a healthy man a heart attack. Those days are long gone thanks to high demand of custom lighting. K and G Cycles ( welcomes any effort to improve visibility for any motorcycle rider out there. L.E.D. lighting is by far the brightest, most efficient lighting available. Because of this, your bikes electrical system will hardly even know it’s there.