Cool it Down with some Style – Vertical Oil Coolers

As the summers get hotter, we need to make sure our bikes stay cool ensuring years of trouble-free service. One great way to do that is by installing an oil cooler from K and G Cycles ( to keep the oil from boiling over, because none of us want that to happen. It can also mean more comfortable riding conditions for yourself by lowering the engine temps and ultimately the heat coming off the motor. Plus your motor will less susceptible to internal heat damage delivering longer life. Cooler temps also mean better performance returns and fuel economy.

Sure, you could buy adowntubes oil coolern oil cooler from that “Big Brand” company and look like everybody else. Or you could choose to stray from the path and purchase this great looking and effectivedowntube style oil cooler made by Sifton. Utilizing a dual tube vertical oil cooler with billet mounting clamps, this oil cooler measure 10″ long and 4-1/8″ at top diameter. This kit comes with everything you see here to simplify the installation process. Visible surfaces are either stainless steel or show quality chrome finishes.  With most seeing oil temperatures decreasing between 10 to 20 degrees, this innovative 2 tube design is more effective than the block coolers because it has 2 cooling chambers that allow temperatures to remain more stable and in the ideal operating range.

Available in a wide range of applications from K and G Cycles ( there is sure to be one to fit your bike. It far. far better to have installed a good looking oil cooler and not run the risk of boiling your oil than it is to have never used an oil cooler at all and suffer the consequences. Add one today and treat your bike right.