Cool looks and a Better Ride from Klock Werks

It seems this wickedly hKW-FLHT-Smokeot weather most of us have been experiencing has taken away some of our riding time. What it has allowed us to do is figure out more accessories to add to our bike. What does that mean? I know you say you have all the accessories you need, but K and G Cycles is giving you the chance to have a Windshield form Klock Werks for your H-D Touring bike equipped with the “Batwing” style fairing. These masterpieces are available in 3 1/2″, 6.5″, 8.5″, and 11.5″ designs, that give you the ultimate accessory, and the famed “Hips and Lips” design. Yes, it does sound funny, but that is actually what Klock Werks calls the functional aerodynamic curves built in to this windshield. The “Hips” provide additional down force adding stability at higher speeds, while the “Lips” flip the air up and redirect it so the turbulence is greatly reduced and the air is cleaned up, and smoothed out for the rider, adding up to a more comfortable, better handling ride.

 So now you have to say to yourself, “I can actually buy a piece of chrome that is good looking AND functional? ” The answer is “Yes” through it’s innovative design and countless hours of research and fine tuning Klock Werks windshields do more for you with less. Not only will you notice a better performing bike at higher speeds, a shorter windshield from Klock Werks performs better than a 2″ taller stock windshield due to the way it’s designed and the way it redirects the air around the rider.  So when you want to add that unique piece of chrome that will do more than look good, why not let K and G Cycles help you select the Flare Windshield form Klock Werks in the size that’s best for you, and watch your buddies turn green with envy.