Custom Bars offer Custom Looks

It’s always been your dream to give your bike the most custom look so it can stand out from the sea of other bikes. Just like Henry Ford, it often seems Black is the only color available. Everyone at K and G Cycles ( feels the same way and that is why we search high and low for the most unique products for your bie. One particular customization sure to bring a new look to any bike is handlebars, but it seems there isn’t a great selection in in 7/8″ category. What would you do if I told you it is now possible to start using 1″ bars? To begin with your selection has increased tremendously.

1-inch-risers-for-metric   When you upgrade to a beefier 1″ handlebar, you get a tougher look, a tougher bar, and a one of a kind style for your motorcycle. Changing the bars to 1″ bars is as simple as replacing the risers with a new set from K and G. In addition to new styling and a different profile, the new risers will enhance your look because they are custom designed too. No matter what your taste, we are sure to have a new set of risers that will compliment the look you are going for. With 5 different designs available:

   They are 4″ tall, have a 3/4″ to 1″ pullback, and best of all most of these riser applications do not require adjusting cable length. Translation, you get the look you want with little to no extra work or money.

   How sweet is that? When you choose to upgrade your handlebars you automatically get a custom look, a ton of attitude and you finally stand out from all the other bikes that are the “same”. Handlebar risers for 1″ bars from K and G Cycles ( are available in a range of unique designs that will compliment any look you are trying to achieve. Contact us today and see the difference new handlebars and risers will make for your bike .