Custom Brake Power Designed to Make your Bike Look Better

   When it comes to putting the finishing touches on our motorcycles, we often look over one area of the bike. Though utilitarian in nature, the brake system is one area that can be customized but is often forgotten. Thought there are 3 main items to upgrade, I want to talk to you about the brake rotors. Upgrading the rotors can really set off the front end of your ride and depending on the style chosen can lead to improved braking capability. Here at K and G Cycles ( our goal is to give you all the resources you need to make your customization a reality.

   When installing custom brake rotors you will be faced with 3 decisions, Performance Level, Decorative Design, and Finish. Each aspect is as important as the next because each one impacts the next. Relax as I take you down the road to discovering the different types of brake rotors available .

   PerformaGMA Brake 23-9938nce Brake Rotors – This type of brake rotor often adds little cosmetic appeal to a motorcycle. This is partly due to the fact that the composite materials used are intended to increase performance. To those in the know, they will notice you have chosen to increase braking ability rather than make sure the bike is slathered in chrome. You will almost certainly noticed this style of brake rotor is strategically drilled for ventilation and dust removal. Though it may not be a visual improvement, this is one customization that everyone can appreciate. Safety First!

   Custom Designed Brake Rotorrev tech rotor CC-602860s – This is the segment that is pretty much self explanatory. When you want a particular design to match your new wheels, compliment a design in the paint, or even a theme through out the grips, floor boars, pegs, etc… This is a great visual addition to any bike.  In addition to the wicked designs available, there are even models to be had that have contrasting hub and braking components. Whatever design you choose, you are adding a custom flair to your bike that lets everyone know you got it goin’ on.

   Custom FiniDual polished rotor CC-640689sh Rotors  – As with the Custom Design Brake Rotors, there are many options here. Some of the most popular seem to be Chrome, Polished, Natural, and even Black. Chrome is mainly chosen for motorcycles that are show bikes and will no longer see the road. They are very pretty but one pull of the brake lever and you can say goodbye to that beautiful finish. The lustrous Chrome finish doesn’t fair well against the abrasiveness of the brake pads. Because of the wear factor associated with Chrome, riders will generally turn to the more resilient Polished finish. This is a great choice for many reasons. A polished brake rotor is far less susceptible to marring when the brakes are applied. If a “spot” should appear, you can polish it out and you are as good as new. Another reason polished brake rotors have become so popular is they are less expensive than chrome rotors and offer up nearly the same amount of bling. For an entirely different look, many are going with a natural finish or Black finish to eliminate any extra care or maintenance.

   Whatever your decision may be, much of it will be based on personal preference and visual relation to the bike. Installing new Brake Rotors can increase your Street Cred and finish off your motorcycle just the way you want it. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to pull this off. Even the new hardware you are gonna want to install on reassembly.