Custom, Custom, Custom is what you get from Greg’s

When it comes time to customize your motorcycle, you want quality parts from a quality manufacturer. With almost 30 years experience, Greg’s Custom Cycle Works has been building and customizing motorcycles with the individual in mind. That is evident in such product lines available at K and G Cycles ( as “Deep Sickness”, which has a few varying designs that get straight to the point. Deep Sickness is all about adding a personal edge to your ride.

As we all know, thepsychotic scoopre are a ton of Batwing Fairing Harley’s rollin around out there. To give ours a unique look, we add as much chrome as we can, only to find out that is exactly what our neighbor did too. So now its time yo up the ante’ and install truly custom pieces that will make them all green with envy. Greg’s has created a product designed to give you an aggressive look with a true custom flair, The Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop. Available with or without L.E.D. lighting, this scoop can easily be installed on your existing fairing. If you choose the additional lighting, it can aid you in being seen by others. So if you have to justify this custom addition, you can argue the safety aspect.

For those loopsychotic fairingking for a simplified approach, Greg’s has decided to manufacture a complete outer fairing that includes the Psychotic Scoop as well as L.E.D. Turn Signals. Dubbed the “Psychotic Fairing” this work of art brings custom body work and custom lighting in to a good looking union that will bring the crowd to their knees. With all fabrication done in house, Greg’s can insure you are purchasing the highest quality custom parts for your bike. Let’s face it, no one wants to order custom parts only to have to rework them when they arrive. Be the first to pick up a Psychotic Fairing and become the trendsetter, not the follower.

deep sickness hwy barNot one to play favorites, Greg’s also makes Handlebars, Engine Guards, Front Ends, and Points Covers for a wide range of bike. Deep Sickness Accessories have a tendency to focus on the Edgy, Medieval looks that should come with a danger warning. Whether you want to be “Reckless”, “Wicked” or seek “Vengeance” you can do so depending on the bar style you choose. A one of a kind look from a master craftsman with an eye for the sublime.

When it comes to your ride, K and G Cycles ( wants to give you every opportunity to customize your motorcycle and make it truly yours. With accessories from Greg’s Custom Cycle Works, your bike will be just that. With top quality products and cutting edge design. Greg’s Deep Sickness line is sure to become the next best thing. Contact us today for all your motorcycling needs.