Custom Fenders mean a Custom Ride

It happens in every motorcycle owners life. The issue of customization comes into play, especially when we put them away for the winter. Our dreams and ideas brew until we can’t stand it Here at K and G Cycles it is our goal to make your dreams a reality. I want to focus on fenders today, and help you understand a custom ride is a lot closer than you think.  Whether you want a chopped fender or a tail dragging fender, we have you covered.

  A front fendeklock-werks-collager swap can make a dramatic difference in your bikes stance, attitude, and overall look. Because of high quality, strong availability, and beautiful fit and finish, we are fans of Klock Werks Custom Fenders. Made from 14 gauge US steel, and a deep-draw stamping technology, you get a consistent, flawless finish that minimizes body work. These fenders are E-coated to prevent rust and corrosion, and feature the lowest paint prep in the industry. Most of the fenders come pre-drilled to fit 16”, 17” or 18”, or for a very radically look, 21” front wheels. Depending on just how custom of a look you are looking for, Klock Werks has a matching rear fender styled like the fronts.

  Just like the front fenders the rear counterparts from Klock Werks offer the same great quality construction, as well as the high tech corrosion protection, and the fitment preparation. Of course there are different factors to consider when selecting a rear fender. Length and width always plays a part in the decision making process. You also need to decide what type of lighting you will use for the stop lamp. Are you going to utilize turn signals?  Will it house a license plate or not.

  Now that you’ve decided on new fenders for your winter project, it’s time to contact the Crew at K and G Cycles and order up the new tins. We can help you through the whole transformation of your bike. All you have to do is ask.