Custom Gauges from Dakota Digital

There are honestly thousands of ways to customize your ride, and when it comes to custom gauges, one name rises to the top, Dakota Digital. Even though they began as an automotive custom gauge builder, they have branched out and now offer motorcycle and UTV set ups too. Since K and G Cycles mainly deals in motorcycle parts and accessories I want to focus on that segment today and introduce you to a few models available.  Whether you ride a stock bike or have built a one of a kind Pro Street Bagger Bobber, there is something for you.

Let’s face it, sometimes thDakota Digital 2000 series TR-211048e good folks at “The Milwaukee Motor Company” leave a little to be desired when it comes to convenience in regard to the onboard information systems. For those riders on bikes with fuel tank mounted speedometers, hold on to your hat because Dakota Digital has a multi-function replacement that will monitor just about everything but heart rate and air quality. The 2000 Series electronic instrumentation system offers a 255 MPH/ km/h speedometer, wrap around tachometer with an adjustable shift point, odometer with dual resettable trip meters and a full complement of indicators to provide a complete information system. Designed to fit all single gauge tank mount applications up to and including 2013 models. Sit back and take a look at all the things this new gauge will do for you.

  • 255 MPH/ km/h selectable speedometer.
  • Optional Cable Driven Speed Adapter SEN-6011 may be needed for 95 and older bikes. (Not included)
  • Wrap around adjustable tachometer with adjustable shift point, can also display in digital numeric readout.
  • Odometer with two resettable trip odometers.
  • Resettable Miles to Service with warning (user settable countdown) and hour meter.
  • Clock (12 hour format)
  • Voltage readout with low voltage alert.
  • Oil/ Air Pressure sender sold separately, (SEN-1031 (high pressure oil pump), SEN-1032 (stock oil pump), SEN-1035 (0-400psi air pressure)
  • Oil Temperature sender sold separately, (SEN-1043 (Softail/Custom**), SEN-1044 (Road King)
  • 7 Speed Gear Position Indicator compatible with 3-7 speed transmissions.
  • Various indicators can also be displayed such as Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil Pressure, and Low Voltage
  • Automatic turn signal cancelling compatible.
  • “Wait to start” / Check Engine light.
  • Several performance calculations include: 0- 60 time, high speed & high RPM recall, 1/4 mile time and speed.
  • Chrome front bezel with non-glare scratch resistant lens.
  • Machined aluminum housing.
  • Limited 2 year Warranty

So you see, for about the same price as a Factory replacement, you can have a hot new gauge that does it all and then some. The 2000 Series Tank Mount Replacement, designed to give you “Too Much Information”!

Next I want to show Oval DD gauge DDMCV7100  you a model intended for that custom build, The 7000 Series. Equipped with nearly the same features as 2000 Series units, the 7000 models come in a more streamlined package to compliment the lines of any custom built bike. Often being limited on space, Dakota Digital understood this and set out to design a shrunken version of their award winning gauges. What they ended up with was a compact, streamlined unit packed full of the same features as the others. See for yourself,

  • 0-199 MPH or KM/H Speedometer
  • 0-8,000 RPM Bar Graph Tachometer with 0-16,000 numeric readout
  • Oil Pressure Gauge, (sender included)
  • Voltmeter
  • Fuel Level Gauge, (bike must be equipped with a stock sender)
  • Gear Position Readout
  • Clock
  • Million Mile Odometer with Dual Trip Meters and Countdown Service Meter
  • Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil, Low Fuel, Low Voltage, Service Engine/Wait to Start Indicators
  • Performance Displays such as 0-60 MPH/KM/H Timer, 1/4 Mile Time and Speed, High Speed and RPM Recall
  • Positive Locking Connectors for all Wires
  • Choice of Black or Chrome housings.

* Backed by a 2 year warranty.

** Fuel Display/Indicator not compatible with 2007 Harley V-Rod applications

With 3 different bodies available, there is sure to be one design of the 7000 Series Gauge that will compliment your motorcycle and have others take notice of your good sense of style.

For all you Bagger fans ouDalota Digital 3000 OTt there, Dakota hasn’t forgotten about you. The 3000-OT is a complete instrument replacement for the stock gauges on your Fairinged H-D. Super Bright L.E.D. lights that are visible in all levels of light (extreme sunlight to the darkest of night) and clearly display all of the information offered. Just like the other models in the Dakota house, these Bagger gauges will tell you everything from soup to nuts. Wanting the transition to be as smooth as possible, the engineers at Dakota Digital designed these gauges to utilize the factory mounts and hardware, making this a plug and play situation. Even the stock sending units are used.

  • Speedometer with odometer and dual trip meters
  • Tachometer with clock and gear position indicator
  • Oil Pressure with warning
  • Oil Temperature with warning
  • Voltage with warning
  • Fuel Level with warning

Choice of :

  • Blue or Red Displays

Additional features include, clock, gear position, 0-60 time, ¼ mile time, ¼ mile per hour, 0-60 mile per hour, and high speed recall. Includes cruise on and cruise engaged indicators as well as security and check engine lights. Extremely bright Blue or Red LED displays are highly viewable in sunlight!

* Oil temperature gauge comes with sender you will install in existing hole in Oil Pan, wiring is included.

* User selectable to metric (km/h Celsius)

So you see, when it comes time to make that upgrade, it doesn’t matter what you ride, Dakota Digital has something for you. Available at K and G Cycles, these feature loaded gauges will have you baffled why you didn’t make the swap earlier. Don’t forget, after you get them installed, we want your best 0-60 time as well as your best 1/4 mile time.