Custom Lighting Increases Visibility

There comes a time in our motorcycling careers when we realized safety does come first. We will insist on Anti-lock Brakes from the factory. We will choose riding gear that has body armor installed. We will insist it has reflective material. We have even started to wear helmets on a regular basis. As we demand increased safety, we often over look the addition of safety lighting on the rear of our rides. Here at K and G Cycles we don’t take safety for granted, that is why we are pleased to offer additional lighting in the form of Rear Run – Brake lighting for your Harley-Davidson Trike. Simple installation makes these auxiliary lights a great choice when it comes time to alert those behind you.

  You can add additional litrike-lightsghting to the rear of your Harley-Davidson Trike with these add-on light bars. Flanking each side of the Trunk Door, these Chrome and L.E.D. lights are fast acting, attention grabbing lights are sure to get their attention. They can be wired to act as Running Lights, or Running, Turn and Brake Lights for improved safety. You decide.

  •  Sculpted chrome housings with auxiliary L.E.D’s can function as run, turn and brake lighting.  
  • Easy to install with pre-applied 3M VHB adhesive tape and plug-and-play wiring, making this upgrade simple.
  • Mfg/N 7268
  •  Sold in pairs
  • Fits 09-13 FLHTCUTG (Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic Trike)
  • Fits 10-11 FLHXXX (Harley-Davidson Street Glide Trike)
  • May work on other Pre-Factory Harley-Davisdon Trike conversions, but fitment is not guaranteed.

It really is simple. Adding additional safety lighting can be easy and affordable at the same time. Contact your friends at K and G Cycles and get yours ordered today. The more you give them a chance to see you and your intentions, the safer you will be.