Custom Mirrors aid your Vision and Looks

   When it comes time to customizing our rides, the last thing we typically think of is the mirrors. Well if you ride an H-D Batwing Fairing bike than we have something you need to check out. Fairing Mount Mirrors, available in an assortment of styles. K and G Cycles ( knows all about adding personal touches to motorcycles. After all, that is our business. We find it easier to justify adding accessories if that product serves a purpose as well.

   To beginchrome-mirrors-34-1224- with, when you relocate the mirrors from the perches to the inner fairing you are smoothing the contours of your motorcycle. Not only does this improve the looks, it improves aerodynamics too. Fairing mount mirrors are often produced in a few different variations. Take a look and compare…

Convex Mirror Set – This design is as simple as they come. Nothing fancy here, just a Plain Jane mirror on a fairing mounted frame. These mirrors usually only come in you basic Black. The streamlined design gets rid of the bulky stem mount mirrors and gives you a sleek slim look. This gives your bike a whole new custom look.

Spotter Mirror – This design includes an integrated wide eye lens that improves rearward vision. This can be especially helpful for those broad shouldered individuals or those that ride in gear that widens their girth. This allows you a better look at what is going on behind you, which is just as important as what is going on in front of you.

Chrome or Black Finish – This is a personal choice at best. Some of us like the flash of chrome while others like the subtlety a Black finish. The difference sometimes comes down to the color of the bike or if it has a painted inner fairing. This choice can also be affected by your budget. Chrome does have a tendency to require a few more dollars than its counter part.

Built-in Amber L.E.D. Turn Signals – Let’s face it, you are going to have the fairing apart to install your mirrors, why not increase your visual footprint and install additional lighting. L.E.D. lights are brighter, faster acting lights and when used for indicator lights they can dramatically increase your visibility, potentially improving your safety. Not to mention you have just increased the wow factor on that motorcycle.

   In all actuality, there are 7 different versions of the Fairing Mount Mirror available for installation on your bike. It all comes down to personal preference. Do you want an improved look? Are you looking to accent the paint and chrome on your bike? Are you looking to add more lighting? Whatever the case may be, K and G Cycles ( has the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Contact us soon and see where you’ve been. .