Custom Mirrors are a Game Changer

   We all know customizing a bike can be done many different ways, from top to bottom and front to back. In that process we can upgrade just about everything on the bike, but all too often the mirrors will get overlooked. This is probably because so many of us see them strictly as utilitarian in nature. At K and G Cycles we strive to bring you the very best accessories to make your motorcycle a one of a kind ride all your own.

   The Kwindshield mount turn signal mirrors  ings of Motorcycle Accessories have done it again! The engineering wizards over at Kuryakyn have designed a set of mirrors for H-D Batwing Fairing bikes that raise the bar on the word “Custom”. The Windshield Mounted Mirrors remove the mirrors from the handlebars and mounts them on a chrome windshield accent strip that has gracefully curved arms which support the mirror heads on the outer fairing. By moving the mirrors to the upper outer edge of the fairing your gain a better rearward view. When you choose the turn signal mirror heads, you increase your visibility for oncoming traffic. You not only gain a second set of turn signals, you also gain a second set of forward facing auxiliary lights. Neither of which could ever be considered a bad thing.

   For those of black scythe mirrorsyou not wanting or needing any additional lighting in the front of your bike, there are other styles available that do not have the built in turn signals. You can choose Chrome Ellipse Mirrors or Sinister Black Scythe Mirrors and still have the clean handlebar look with the increase rearward view.

   As you customize your bike giving it your personal touch, don’t forget the most overlooked spot – The Mirrors. You can increase your rearward vision, increase your visual footprint, and create a look few have seen before. Contact K and G Cycles today to begin your adventure down the road to complete customization.