Custom Seat Pan construction made easy with Insat Pan

There are just some custom times that call for custom measures, and that was the case when a long time friend of K and G Cycles ( modified the rear fender of his Softtail, dramatically. Putting the cart before the horse, he quickly found out no off-the-shelf seat would even come close to fitting once it was back on the bike. Searching our vast offering of motorcycle parts here at K and G, we found our answer –¬† Stampede’s Insta Pan seat kit. The kit uses a two-part self-hardening clay system similar to JB Weld, but on a much larger scale. It works something like this: you combine the two clay components, mixing and kneading them until they are one. Next a seat pan can be patterned, rolled, formed, and molded to your specific bike for a precise fit. Once the pan is cures completely, it can be cut, sanded, and drilled just like a steel or fiberglass pan.

Sounding too gooinsta pad stspkd to be true, we needed to know more about this Play-Doh pan and how it could save us time and money over the more expensive options.  We called our friends at Stampede and had quite the conversation. The engineers of Stampede Parts have developed what they believe is the quickest and easiest custom seat pan kit on the face of the planet. The easy-to-work-with, two-part clay epoxy Insta Pan seat pan can usually be made in less than an hour, but has 2-3 hours of working time. Amazingly it can be cut and machined similarly to hardwood after about 48 hours. Stampede Insta Pan Seat Pan Kits are available in sizes that cover large single seats, double seats or even bulk quantity kits for builders. This allows them to use only the amount they need each time they make a pan. For added convenience, each kit includes the clay material, a rolling pipe and rails, the clear pattern material, fiberglass matte, protective tape, vinyl gloves, and a complete set instructions on to create a seat pan. Best of all, the Insta Pan is made with non-toxic materials that do not require a great amount of protective gear and washes off skin with warm soapy water.

 Building a custom bike should be a great experience from start to finish. Thanks to the Insta Pan Seat Kits available at K and G Cycles ( you can now build your own one of a kind seat suited for your one of a kind ride. The days of making a seat pan from fiberglass, and having all those shards of glass itching for weeks under our nails and in between our fingers has us searching for other options. Insta Pan by Stampede is your clear choice to complete your project and get you on the road.