Custom Seats from Le Pera without a Custom Cost

   When it comes to the seat on your custom build, there is no other place to turn than Le Pera seats. For over 40 years the Le Pera Family have been providing the motorcycle world with the ultimate seat. That reason alone is why K and G Cycles (www, chooses to do business with them. Making the high quality parts available to you, the consumer, is the goal of K and G and that is why we select the best of the best for you.

   We are excited to share with you a fairly new product from Le Pera that gives new hope to those with custom built bikes. Starting with a steel base that has been perfected over the years ( unlike the rest of the industry, Le Pera still uses steel seat pans) the Buddy Boy Seat line was born. Being a Deep Dish seat, Le Pera knew this limited their market, but when building a custom bike you want a seat from somebody you trust. Take a look at these great features found in this solo seat line up:

• Vinyl Construction: MLe Pera Seat TR-499346eans a better wear rate and no special cleaning supplies or treatments.
• Deep dish, high density molded foam solo seats: 3 words – Comfort, Comfort, and Comfort.
• Metal seat pan: A solid foundation provides product longevity.
• Includes universal nose mounting bracket: will work in almost any application.
• Springs not included – applications vary with each build
• Made in USA: Not much more needs to be said.
• Fits Rigid models: Provides versatility of the product.
• Carpeted 16 gauge base plate: Built to last and provide a great ride.

   When you are ready for the seat or simply want an upgrade, Le Pera Seats is the number one brand out there. Contact K and G Cycles ( and order yours today. It will be the best decision you made about your bike in a long time.