Custom Support for Your Saddlebags

If you want to add a custom look to our rides we often will turn to removing unnecessary hardware. I decided to do so after I was reinstalling some upgraded items on my bike and discovered I had lost some support. Rather the Lower Saddlebag Support. It turns out at some point the leg that bolts to the rear fender bracket snapped. Luckily I have Brukus Motorcycle Parts Saddlebag Secure installed and I believe this helped reduce any damage that may have occurred. Thankfully we here at K and G Cycles carry a few options to repair my bike so I can be back on the road and start enjoying this beautiful weather we are having.

   Replacing the Lower Sasdlbg-lower-supportsddlebag Supports will give me the chance to upgrade to the Custom Chrome supports. I know, you are saying “What difference does it make because for the most part they are hidden?”. Well, Chrome is Chrome and when there is a chance to add some to the bike, it is all good. Part # 49-0799 is a Chrome Lower Saddlebag Support Kit. This kit includes Left and Right saddlebag guards in a rich chrome finish. As a side note, this set can only be used in conjunction with front saddlebag guards.

   For thoseliminator brackets 50-1518  e looking to capitalize on this opportunity to get a custom look for their bike and ditch the visible supports and guard rails, there are eliminators available in your choice of Chrome or Black. My guess is Black is the preferred color here as the ultimate goal is to conceal the supports and black will blend in far better than Chrome. Eliminator brackets go from the frame to the lower support bracket and replaces the saddlebag guards and upper saddlebag rails. Providing you with a sleek look, these eliminators also remove any bit of protection you once had for your saddlebags.

   Should the time come when you need to replace a broken Lower Saddlebag Support or Supports you will be forced with a gut check. Replace the existing style or go with a new custom look that gives your bags a floating effect. Whatever you decide, let the pros at K and G Cycles help you with your decision. I did.