Customize It – That 1st Step

Have youFoot-Boards-Icon ever wanted your bike to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your bike to be different from the others? Customize it! It’s time to start adding accessories to make your bike unique. We tend to favor function over form to begin with, so the first choice of modification is a part that “works” on the bike. An easy way to start your customization is replacing your foot pegs or floorboards. Many of today’s replacements are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes that are sure to catch your eye. K and G Cycles ( has a great selection of designs available to choose from. Cruisers to touring bikes this is an easy upgrade that won’t take much time and is fairly simple to complete. Knowing most people fall into “The Potato Chip Syndrome” (they just can’t stop accessorizing after the first one) many of the manufacturers today offer a long list of accessories that are the same theme/style. Usually hand grips, shifter pegs, brake pedals, shifter linkages, mirrors, miscellaneous trim pieces, and even some medallions are available in group styles/themes. So if you are looking to take that first step, and turn your bike into the show stopper it should be, contact K and G cycles( to help you make the transformation.Foot-Pegs-2-Icon