Customize your Valkyrie with a little help from K and G Cycles

Honda ValkyrieHere at K and G Cycles, we fully understand that a huge part of owning a motorcycle is adding your personal touch to it. Whether it is some additional trim, a new paint job, or a full on customization so you can barely tell what the bike started out as, we want to help you make your dream a reality. We are gong to focus on the Honda Valkyrie and transforming it so the world knows that bike belongs to you. Everything I am about to show you is available at K and G Cycles (

Valkyrie Interstate Windshield BBP-20-510    For those of you that chose the Touring model – Valkyrie Interstate – we know the stock windshield may not be exactly what you are looking for in terms of protection. With that said, we are happy to offer you an upgraded windshield that offers up a larger surface area. Part # BBP-20-510 is the Custom Tour Windshield that incorporates in its design an integral side wind deflector while still matching the OEM shape and contour. This windshield is 4″ wider per side and 2-1/2″ taller than OEM windshields and is manufactured from 3/16″ thick transparent Lucite DOT Approved acrylic for the best in optical clarity. This increased footprint will allow you to rack up more miles than ever before.

6 pak carb covers BBP-1-308You’ve got a big motor, why not show it off in a big way? Add some chrome to the 6 Carbs on your Valkyrie with these Chrome Carburetor Covers, designed to bring some Bling to an otherwise boring, ugly area of your bike. Installation couldn’t be easier, just 4 simple steps and you are on your way to having one of the best looking bikes at your local Bike Night. The Carbs are often a forgotten, passed over area of the bike when you consider customizing it because they have a utility function and that’s not supposed to be pretty.

Fender Extension BBP-1-327   Do you feel like adding a splash of chrome to your front and rear fenders? You need to take a look at these chrome fender extensions. Capping off your fender tips will add such luster to your ride and let everyone you take pride in what you own. These Chromed Steel fender extension gives your bike a touch of shine along with that popular ribbed look. Installation instructions provide thorough guidance on how to install these fender tips, and will have you back on the road in no time. Part # BBP-1-326 is the Front Fender Extension, while Part # BBP-1-327 is the number you will want for the Rear Fender Extension.

So you see, owning a Valkyrie that is suited to your taste isn’t difficult. All you need to do is contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and it can be yours sooner than you think. Adding your personal touch is one of the greatest feelings you can buy.