Customizing your Bike with Banana’s. Banana Boards that is.

   With the season in full swing, you no doubt have gotten to enjoy a few longer trips on the bike. This has probably led to the discovery of your floorboards aren’t as comfortable as you thought. Keeping with the spirit of installing custom items when we upgrade, let me introduce you to Custom Floorboards from Cyclesmiths called Banana Boards. These unique floorboards have a one of a kind look that has yet to be seen anywhere else. In addition to the rider floorboards, they also carry passenger boards, shifter pegs, and brake pedal pads. K and G Cycles ( is pleased to bring you such unique accessories for your motorcycle.

Banana Boards 104-XL-SB   To begin with, we will take a look at original Banana Boards Rider Floorboards. What grabs your attention first is precariously long floorboard that seems to be misshapen. This is actually designed to increase rider comfort due to the additional real estate offered up. However, few riders purchase these boards with that notion in mind, they are going for the aesthetic appeal. “A Bike should look cool before being comfortable.” The happy coincidence is the unexpected improvement in comfort, mainly due to the ability of the rider to move their foot in different positions during the ride. This ultimately thwarts cramping and fatigue of the feet and legs. Banana Boards Floorboards come in many different styles so finding the right look for your motorcycle is easy.

To continue with the customization of your pass banana board106BPNRride, we will now take a look at the passenger floorboards. Because CycleSmiths understands so many bikers today subscribe to the theme idea when it comes to boards, pedals and grips, they offer matching components too. If you are going to carry a passenger for any length, you will want to have floorboards for them too. Since you have installed custom floorboards for yourself, are you going to treat the passenger to some? This simple addition to your bike can give you a completed, one of a kind look that will have people admiring your decision with jealousy.

brake pedal123-SB    Now, since you are all in having installed the rider and passenger Banana Boards, you must complete the look with a Brake Pedal cover and Shifter Pegs. As with any accessory install, you will want to have as many like pieces as possible and CycleSmiths has made this possible. Now of course the pedal pads and shifter pegs don’t have the exaggerated shapes as the floorboards do, they do share the same patterns. This makes critical functions such as shifting and braking no different from those having the boring controls. Just because you have custom parts installed on your bike  doesn’t mean it has to be nearly impossible to ride or offer up any comfort.

When it comes to installing accessories on our motorcycles, we want to make sure the guy next door doesn’t have the same stuff. That is why K and G Cycles ( is carrying the awesome line of CycleSmiths products. When you want quality, distinction, and a fair price, that ultimately provides additional comfort, look no further than K and G Cycles, your Customization Headquarters.