The Customizing continues with your Floorboards

   Over time, our floorboards will wear thin even from normal use. Rather than replace them with OEM inserts it is time to install custom floorboard inserts or even floorboards themselves. Have you begun a theme on your bike or would you like to start one? Now is the time. With a little help from K and G Cycles ( you can personalize your bike from the ground up and enjoy a new level of comfort too.

   Let’s begin by tkuryakyn billet slot insertsaking a look at replacing your floorboard inserts. Changing the inserts is one of the simplest ways to install a custom look while potentially decreasing the buzz through your feet. Floorboard inserts come in many different styles that will surely foot the bill and make your customization process a lot easier. You can install new rubber inserts, you can choose rubber and metal themed pieces, and there are even some full metal inserts with decorative milling, embossed designs, and include different finishes too. Overall, replacing the stock floorboard inserts will give your bike a hole new look without letting go of a lot of cash.

   For the rider looking to takBanana Boards 104-XL-SBe it to the next level complete custom replacement boards are available. Designed to complete the look of your full on custom, floorboards come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Cycle Smiths produces a line of custom boards called Banana Boards that are bowed floorboards featuring machined billet construction, chrome-plated finish with black rubber inserts and bright finish rivets. Standard Banana Boards are available in two lengths: 18 1/2″ and 13 3/4″ Extended Banana Boards allow the riders foot to rest beyond the shifter and brake pedals. To complete the look, optional banana shifter pedal and foot pegs are designed to match floorboards and are sold separately. Matching highway and passenger pegs are available separately too.

   Another company we tDarkside-Pass-Flbdhat can satisfy your craving for the unique is Precision Billet. For over 15 years these guys have been providing superior quality billet aluminum accessories for your motorcycle. Floorboards for the rider and passenger are available in a wide variety of designs. Selecting a theme or particular design is no easy task, but the good folks at Precision Billet make sure each design line has the components you want to outfit your ride. Billet Aluminum accessories are a great way to increase the visual impact of your bike and what better place to start than with replacement floorboards when your stock inserts wear out.

   There is no better rational time to upgrade your floorboard inserts or to upgrade you whole floorboards when your OEM’s wear out. K and G Cycles ( has a great selection of inserts and boards for your motorcycle. All you have to do is select the style you want, order them up, install them, and watch everyone ooh and ah over your new ride.