Customizing your Ride can become a Sickness

   When it comes to customizing your bike, you want your investment to be unique. We don’t blame you. There is nothing more disheartening than completing the job and while you are out riding, you see virtually the same bike. K and G Cycles ( is here to change that. We have partnered with Greg’s Custom Cycles out of Florida to bring you some of the most unique accessories for your motorcycle. So sit back and get your hand on your pocket book because when I am done, you will be ready to purchase some new pieces for the ole girl. Let’s take a look at the Deep Sickness line of products, specifically the Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Engine Guard and the Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Bagger Bars.

   Up first is the Highway tDeep-Highway-Bars-02-01o Hell Bars, which will get the point across right away. Setting out with a mission to build custom accessories for the motorcyclist that is unable build the $100,000 Chopper, but still wants a custom flair to their current bike. Since most of us will install a highway bar at some time, why not make this the starting point of the transformation. The addition of a highway bar gives you 3 points if interest. 1) It provides a small amount of protection should the bike go over on its side. 2) It provides a mounting surface for highway pegs, increasing your comfort as you ride. 3) Depending on the bar chosen, it can increase your visual impact. The Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Bar also has a few points (6 to be exact). Looking like it came from a Mad Max Film, this Highway Bar was designed to be wicked and intimidating yet look right at home on many of today’s bikes. Another feature that keeps this bar in a class all by itself is they are not available in Chrome. They are available in Stainless Steel, Powdercoat Gloss or Matte Black, and ready to paint. This alone gives you buying confidence there will rarely be another bike like yours.

   For those wanting to highway to hell bagger barscontinue the Deep Sickness look further into their bike, Greg’s also offers Highway to Hell Bagger Bars. Replace those boring saddlebag guards with ones that bite back! Just like the highway bar, the Bagger Bars have that same wicked look that gives you a total custom look. They also come in the same finishes as the highway bars so you can have the same great look front to rear. If you are lacking saddlebag guards and add the Bagger Bars, you again increase the potential amount of protection for your bike.

   Obtaining a one of a kind look is simple when you install The Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Series Engine Guards and Saddlebag Guards from Greg’s Custom Cycles. All you have to do to make your bike a one of a kind masterpiece is contact K and G Cycles ( and order your new accessories today. Whether it is the Stainless finish, powdercoated, or even if you choose to have it painted to match the bike, you can rest easy there is probably not another bike with Deep Sickness parts in your neck of the woods like your bike.