Customizing your Spyder can be for Convenience

   As you know, there aren’t many accessories out there for the Can Am Spyders, so when the buyers at K and G Cycles ( find accessories made for them, we do what we can to make them available to you. We recently learned 2 more items of value have come into production. A Deluxe GPS Mount and a Trunk Liner, both designed to make your travels easier.

can am gps mount LM-ED-RT   First up, we’ll highlight the GPS mount because just about everybody nowadays has ditched the map in favor of the GPS. They are everywhere – Cell Phones, Portable units, even handheld units.We feel the Can Am riders should not be left out of this movement, so we searched long and hard for the best GPS Mount and came up with this one from eCaddy. The eCaddy Deluxe (Part # LM-ED-RT) is a simple yet classy way to mount all kinds of GPS models on your Spyder. This unit will fit Can-Am Spyder RT & ST models. It mounts to the center handlebar area on the Can-Am Spyder RT and ST models placing the GPS right in front of the rider, but protected by the windscreen.

Here’s how to tell if this kit will work for you:

Some GPS models have the 4-hole “AMPS” pattern or diamond-shaped “RAM” pattern right on their backside, or on the back of the “cradle” (if one came with your GPS). (Note: You may need to remove the suction cup.)

Some units may require the purchase of a “cradle.”

In either case, all you need to mount it on a motorcycle is this kit!

BBP-HCFL can am trunk bag   Now that you are ready to hit the road with GPS assistance, you will want to pack for the trip. I know, you’re tired of trying to make all sorts of bags fit in the trunk and utilize the most space. Well those days are long gone! We’ve discovered a bag the was designed for Spyders and Spyders alone. The 1500 Front Trunk Liner by industry design leader Hopnel is a cost effective liner for the spacious front trunk on the Can Am Spyder. Chock full of must haves, The 1500 Front Trunk Liner (Part # BBP-HCFL) comes with a sturdy grab handle in addition to the 2 padded backpack straps to make removal and carry an easy task. The 1500 Front Trunk Liner measures a whopping 23” tall by 20 ½” wide by 13 ½” across, making it capable of holding enough gear for the long haul.

   When it comes to accessorizing your Can Am Spyder, K and G Cycles (www, is your source for Aftermarket Accessories. We want you to enjoy your rides as much as possible whether it is increased comfort in the saddle, improved storage capability, or giving your navigator a seat so you can enjoy turn by turn directions.